Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Of cookies and airports

I had a really troubling dream last night, about a friend who moved down my street just a few weeks ago. Every weekend, she heads back to her family in Tijuana, which is kind of crazy in my mind. I can't help but feel sorry, being so whiny as she goes through more each weekend then I do each season.

Anyway, this kind friend whom I hadn't heard from since the dawn of last weekend wound up in a super vivid dream of mine. She always tells me stories about her kin back home, so I conjured up interesting characters alongside her.
But it was sad.

It ended with our last exchange in an airport. She was leaving back home for good.
Where most of my dreams, including the vivid, feel rushed and hazy, this was of a different breed. The acute details of her face, the words we spoke and the overall vibe was overpowering. Its final moments will be confused with legitimate memories in the years to come.
She smiled sadly, saying "See you around, Kit."
I woke up kind of weepy.

First class of the day is Japanese (the class in which I met her.) Her seat was empty as she had switched out.
But on my desk were a box of cookies, and a quickly written note: "Thank you for everything. I'll See you around, Kit."

Nicknames can make a grown boy cry.

A Poem

Beautiful, yet unnerving
his families tendencies,

Drive down a world still revolving
Still there are the discrepancies

They'd handle each every morning,
with shouting fits all exploding.

Then the son would step outside
where his thoughts would glide

Of how he loved them all so much
With smoky rings he'd stoop to touch.

5 Months later!

It could be worse. I'll pretend nothing has happened in the time between this post and the last. Makes writing this a whole lot easier.

I miss you fellow (yet distant) bloggers! Hope to hear from you soon.

Love, Kristian