Friday, September 26, 2008

When this is all over

remember us as your family.

Friday, September 19, 2008

So the week is done

I am too.
I finished Gautama.

It could have turned out better, but it was excellent finishing something on such a large scale.

I also wrote something which is rather sappy.

A walk down my own street is rarely what it takes to feel overwhelmed with perpetual poetic verses, emanating through limited human lucidity. Wilted wild flowers waste unto tire worn pavement, whose dying colors sing of nature’s indifference; constant is its tune of brief endings, of births that soon follow, and of growth preceded and proceeding without influence of human thought or will. Knowing of a song greater than my brief existence thus, greater than brief existences for all held loved and dear, sought when overwhelmed with absurdities of my own life, and whose forever gentle melody plays and surrounds examples significant and insignificant, provides an unmatched grandeur. Sadly liberating it remains knowing of so much beauty observable from the relative grain of sand that is my own life, while sadly liberating it remains knowing no others see as I see. Liberating as I am completely free within my understood significance, and sad are the pangs of grief when knowing I remain unable to show what I perceive in full.

I wish all of you an excellent weekend.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How the tide shifts.

It would be so neat to design album covers. This one was done as a gift.
I think (hope) she liked it.

On another note, music remains so good. I've been listening to so much by so many lately, and something that really stands out to me are the older tunes of Animal Collective. It's never to late to join the caravan that are their neat sounds.

Enjoy Leaf House, and the neat stop motion video that accompanies it:

Monday, September 15, 2008


I've cropped the top most part. The actual composition is kind of lost, and doesn't completely fit in my scanner.
More updates soon, and hopefully the actual scale of the piece will be easier read.

Welcome, Welcome!

One and all. A blog uninteresting to most in content and consistent presentation is where you have landed yourself. All the same, bring yourself closer to your monitor; you're among a friend.

Artwork, self created or distantly appreciated is the tongue spoken here, albeit taken lightly. Perhaps, once they are underway, progress of more personal projects will land themselves here. But until then, more rantings and doodles presist through the tunnel that is my space of internet.

Make yourself at home.